March 21, 2012

Crappy Day...

If you follow me on Twitter you know that I had a pretty crappy day. It all started out when I left my house late and noticed that I only had a half a quarter tank of gas. So I have a mini freak out and I drove as quickly as I could to a gas station and filled up my tank and booked it to work.

I ended up ran into the library just as the custodian was about to unlock the door the public uses, so punched in and ran up the stairs because I didn't know if anyone was in the Youth Services Department. While running up the stairs I tripped and ended up hurting my wrist as I was trying to not bust my face open. So I ended up spending the entire morning icing my wrist.

On top of my injury we had to deal with "Julia" calling in sick claiming that she had a stomach bug, which was a pain because "Amy" and have two big program on Wednesday mornings -- Which I couldn't help with because of my wrist.

After a painful and blah morning my Department Head came in at 1:00pm and I recounted the entire morning for her and made sure she knew that "Julia" called in with a stomach flu, yet she told "Amy" that she might come in for her program later in the day (If you have a stomach flu you should not be able to come in later in the day, she is such a liar).

When she found this out she called her house. Got no answer. Then she tried calling her cell. She answered and apparently she was outside in the parking lot about to walk into the building. Our Department Head told her she needed to get back in her car and go home because she would not let her get anyone else sick. This all happened while I was out to lunch with Lenni.

When I got back from lunch I found out about that and that "Amy" left work for the rest of the day because both of her parents had a stomach bug also. Now why she had to leave makes no sense to me. When someone has a stomach flu/virus there is nothing anyone can do about it, it has to run it's course. Apparently "Amy" is stupid and doesn't know this.

The funny thing about the "Amy" and "Julia" situations was that "Marie" and I called all of this happening in the morning. "Marie" said that she'd thought that "Amy" would leave midday to deal with her sick parents and I told "Marie" that "Julia" would try to come in at some point in the day because she used up all her sick leave.

Because of what happened with those idiots my Department Head was super pissy (She was kinda pissy when she walked in and it didn't help that I was hurt and reusing to do "Julia's" afternoon program) and was kind of a bitch for the rest of the day. So, I spent my day in pain with a bitchy boss. It sucked.

The only nice thing that happened today was that "Favorite Page#2" came in with a belated birthday present for me. He got me an LP of Adele's album 21, which I really want and was super happy to get. So that was the silver lining of my crappy day.


  1. Meh, I'm sorry you had a crappy day but an LP of Adele is pretty awesome!