March 10, 2012


Erin and I decided about a week or so ago that today was going to be our "Friendiversary" and that we'd hang out, have dinner, etc. We invited Maria to join us because she has played a big role throughout the years our non-friendship (Yup, Erin & I hated each other for a while) and friendship, plus she is a blast in a glass -- Yes, that was a Jersey Shore reference...

Throughout the course of our friendiversary day we went shopping, had froyo, hung out, had dinner and enjoyed each others company. It was lovely and I look forward to my next friendiversary!

Story Behind Mine & Erin's Friendship
The two of us have known each other since middle school, but we weren't always friends as stated above. We were actually enemies because we were both friends with Maria and would fight over who she's hang out with since we didn't care for each other. This went on for a good three years or so.

At some point in our freshman year of high school Erin and I ended up in a couple of the same classes. In one particular class (Global Studies) there was a boy that we both disliked more than we disliked each other who would bother us. So we did the natural thing... We united to destroy the common enemy. Thus our friendship was born and we've been friends ever since.

Our motto is "The best way to make friends is to find a common enemy and unite to destroy them." We actually had them put it in our yearbook on one of those pages you buy in the back and years later we still believe it.
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