March 28, 2012

I'll Work...

My Director did me the biggest solid tonight. So, for the past several days my Department Head has been sick and last night she called me and asked me if I could do a split shift today and work her night. I said yes and I went to a meeting in the AM and came into the actual library a little before 5:00pm tonight. When I walked in one of my coworkers tells me that "Lori" (Whom I should be working with tonight) isn't going to make it in because she has a family emergency. I was fine with this until "Julia" offered to stay with my until 7:00pm. In a panic I run into the office while she is helping a patron and call up to the Director. I begged him to not let her stay after her shift.

He comes down to the department to see what is going on. After they tell him why "Lori" couldn't make it in he asks "Emily" what time she came in (1:00pm) and then he asks "Julia" what time she came in (9:30am). He looks at "Julia" and says (After she explains to him that she has nothing to do after work tonight) that if she stays he'll have to pay her overtime if she stays and that there is no way he'll do that. So he told her to go home and let "Emily" stay until 7:30pm with me.

You don't even know how happy he made me. I guess telling your boss you'd rather die than spend the night working with someone has some impact, but sometimes I don't know with him. He could have let her stay to piss me off and that would have amused him -- He once told me he lives for fucking up my day. Thankfully he didn't feel like fucking with me tonight.

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