March 26, 2012

Let The Sunshine In...

I'd like to thank Lou from Foxy Whiskers for tagging me with the Sunshine Award!! Thank you!!!

Here are some of my favorites... (The Sunshine Award questions)

Colour - Pink & black

Animal - Persian or Maine Coon cats & ducks

Non-Alcoholic Drink - Half iced tea & half lemonade (Arnold Palmer)

Facebook or Twitter - I use them both differently

Getting or Giving Presents - They both make me happy

Flower - Gerber daisies

Pattern - Filigree or paisley

Passion - Experiencing new things & photographing it

Number - Thirty-Four (It's my birthday minus the year)

And in the Sunshine Award tradition I'd like to pass the sunshine on to the following lovely ladies...

Gentri Lee (Gentri)
Life in Beta (Mandi)
Tenpenny Splendid (Jess)
Adventures of an American Girl (Kaity)
My Love is Growing (Jessica)
Small Review

I hope you all enjoy some sunshine on your Monday!

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