March 14, 2012

Seven Things...

If you've ever checked out Gentri's blog (Gentri Lee) you know that she has a "Seven Things" post with questions and such. I enjoyed it so much that I decided that I wanted to participate, so here are my answers to her seven things...

1. Pick a boyfriend: Edward Cullen, Peeta Mellark, or Harry Potter
I don't know anything about Peeta, I hate Edward, so that leaves Mr. Harry Potter.

2. If you HAD to have a crazy hairdo, what hairdo would you choose and why?
I love odd hair styles -- Obviously, my hair is currently pink and black. So maybe something like this from Ricci Hair because it is just so crazy and beautiful...

(via: Carol Chan)

3. If you could be a celebrity what would you like to be celebrated for?
(Dance, Singing, Acting, Reality TV, Political Leader, etc)

Singing,there seems to be less pressure than being an actress in my opinion.

4. Be honest - Do you brush and floss your teeth daily?
I brush every day, but I don't always floss.

5. What is one fear you are working to overcome?
My fear of spiders. They are supposed to be good luck and a symbol of the goddess.

6. White Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, or Semi-Sweet??

I'm not really a big fan of chocolate, but I'm gonna have to go with dark chocolate.

7. What is one trend you wish you could pull off?
Peplum skirts and dresses. They are super cute but I don't have the body to wear them.


  1. I love it all! That hair is awesome! And you need to get to know peeta! He'd make an excellent bf!

  2. I disagree with Gentrie, haha. Interesting answers.

  3. I totally agree with Gentri... get to know Peeta ASAP! Read the Hunger Games - they're really great books. :)

  4. Okay, when I see a copy come into my Department I'll read it and let you guys know what I think of Peeta.

  5. haha i would have said the same thing for #1 :)

    fun blog you have!

    happy weekend!

  6. Thank you! I hope you have a nice weekend too!