April 5, 2012

Broken iPhone Screens & Baseball Games...

As we do every season, Justin and I went to the Mets opening day game at Citi Field. But before actually going to the game we stopped at the local 7-Eleven to get bottles of water and other randomness, and as I was getting out of the car my iPhone fell out of my pocket and I broke my screen. What did I do when I saw that my screen broke? I started to cry. Seeing how distressed I was Justin made a few phone calls and found a place that would repair my screen in forty-five minutes for $100. But obviously I had to wait to do so after the baseball game, which was fine with me because Justin had to take me out of the way to get it fixed.

After a mopy car ride Justin and I were at Citi Field. We wandered around, got food and watched the tail end of batting practice. After it was over we headed over to our seats for the game. Blah blah blah baseball was played... Blah blah blah... Mets beat the Braves 1-0 for yet another opening day win.

As soon as the game was done we headed over to the place to replace my iPhone screen. While the guy was fixing my phone Justin and I walked over to a Marshall's Home Goods combo and I bought some randomness for myself and Justin. The guy had my phone fixed before I was even done shopping. Once I paid I ran over to the shop to get my phone and then Justin drove us to one of our favorite local restaurant for dinner.

I cannot tell you how much it stressed me out breaking my screen. I'm so glad that I had it fixed today and that I didn't have to wait long to have it done. Justin totally wins today.

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  1. I totally cried too when my iPhone screen broke - it was less than a month old so that didn't help haha

  2. Oh my God, I would have died if it was a month old. Was it at least under warranty? Mine is almost two years old.