April 16, 2012

Send Something Good...

I'm taking part in Send Something Good (A project sponsored and put together by Gentri, Kaitlyn & Kristy) and I got my box recipient's name/address today! So I started snooping around my recipient's blog and I started putting some things together that I think they may or may not like. We'll see what happens...

I'd love to post pictures of what I've put together as of thus far, but unfortunately I can't. I can tell you that I was doing various things for the project while I was at work earlier and both "Emily" & my Department Head thought what I had done so far was cute.

"Emily" was kind of a downer though when I was telling her about the whole thing. She was all "Remember, not everyone is as thoughtful and generous as you, so don't be surprised if you get old shoelaces from whoever gets you..." It was so mean. Whomever has me, I have faith in you and I'm sure whatever you send will be amazing. I say boo to naysayers!

I look forward to finishing up and sending my person their box and I can't wait to get mine!


  1. Boo to naysayers is right!! You will get a fantastic package! I'm sure of it. :)

  2. This would have been so much fun! You should tell me about coo things :P