April 26, 2012

Thoughts On Beauty Related Posts...

I've been thinking, I'm tired of having two blogs (Not that I update the other one that often) and I think that since this blog is supposed to be about the randomness that is my life that it would be okay to throw in sprinkles of the crap I post in the other blog (i.e. - Makeup, what I got in my monthly Birchbox, product reviews, etc). What do you guys think? I mean, I throw in the random recipe and craft demo occasionally so what would be so different about throwing in a beauty type post once in a blue moon.? Lemme know what you guys think please.


  1. I'm all for randomness! More of it, I say :)

    And it's your blog after all, so you get to do exactly what you want!

    1. I agree! you can post whatever you like on your post.

  2. bring it on! we love to hear anything from you! =)