April 25, 2012

Whomp Whomp Whomp...

I'm so sad, I had plans for several blog posts today and they all got foiled. I was dead set on doing a few "Cooking Librarian" posts but none of the ingredients were available for anything I wanted to make today. I intended on making stuffed artichokes for dinner and baking chocolate orange cupcakes with my sister tonight, but for some reason the main ingredients of both of the recipes were MIA from the stores we each went to.

It was ridiculous, my sister and I each looked for artichokes in different stores and we couldn't find any to save our lives. So there went making stuffed artichokes.

On the cupcake front, I had my sister look for chocolate orange bars for the cupcakes and no dice. She couldn't find any flavored chocolate and I know that the store she went to has had them in the past. I was pissed.

I was honestly so excited about the idea of doing recipe posts for all of you today and I'm so sad they didn't happen. I'm gonna try again over the weekend and hopefully I can find my ingredients and I can teach you all how to make some yummy things.

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