May 12, 2012

Apartments With No Power...

Yesterday Phil moved into a new apartment and seeing as he is my best friend I drove forty-five minutes after work to check out his new place and hang out with him for a bit. When I got there he was waiting in his spiffy yet dimly lit apartment for National Grid to come turn his power and gas on.

We hung out, cleaned, burned some sage around the apartment and so on for what seemed like forever and still no National Grid. Phil calls them several times and they tell him there was an emergency and that someone is coming to turn the power/gas on. We continue to wait and eventually it starts getting dark and we get hungry (It was after 8:00pm at this point), so we decide to go get something to eat. We go to the local diner, order food and obviously he gets a call from National Grid. He looks at me and I tell him to go or else he wont have power or gas till God knows when and he runs back to his apartment, leaving me at the diner.

Thankfully the food hadn't come out, so I asked the waiter to hold firing the food but apparently this particular diner closes a 9:00pm (WTF?!?!!!). So I asked him to wrap it all up so I could take it to go. I pay for the food and end up waiting outside for a good fifteen minutes for Phil to pick me up. I felt like someone was gonna think I was a hoodlum standing on the corner even though I had a Louis Vuitton in one hand and diner food in the other. So I wait and Phil comes to get me eventually.

It was such a cluster of an evening, but I guess I was an interesting way to start life in a new apartment and town.

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