May 31, 2012


I am currently sitting at the reference desk trying not to look at the flashing fire alarm lights because we just dealt with a building evacuation due to the fire alarm mysteriously going off.

The alarms started going off while I was sitting at the desk helping a patron find various Leo Dillion since he died recently. As soon as the alarm starts blaring I walk over to the computer room, which was full of teens and they all just looked at me. I stared back at them for a minute and I just said "Get up! Do you want to die in a fire?! ...Don't run!" So they all get out, "Lori" and I checked to make sure that no one else was in the room, grab our stuff and go outside.

We were outside for a good twenty minutes before the staff was allowed back in the building. We dealt with various things for another fifteen minutes before we allowed the public back in, but the lights of the alarms were still going strong for a good twenty minutes after that.

It's always fun when the fire alarm going off. It actually saved me from having to do one of "Amy's" programs because I'm working her night for her.