May 24, 2012

"Julia" Fail...

Today was one of those days at work where I didn't have a crazy amount of work to do but I didn't feel like doing what I had to do mainly because it involved helping "Julia" with a project that she totally screwed up.

So, "Julia" is in charge of a poetry magazine ever year and somehow for however long she had been doing this particular project she has gotten away with pawning it off on a volunteer. I have honestly never actually seen her put very much effort into the project aside from bossing her volunteer around. This year for some odd reason (Because she suck, is my guess) the girl who volunteered to put the whole things together quit, leaving "Julia" to put the magazine together by herself.

For days now my coworkers and I have been watching her struggle with this project (None of us wanna help her). Finally today my Department Head gave in and started to help her, only to find out that she totally screwed the whole thing up and that it would be easier to start from scratch than to even touch any of the work that "Julia" put into this thing.

Now that my Department Head is working on this thing she expects me to help, which I still really don't want to do because I really want no part in anything that "Julia" does. But I've been sucked into helping out much to my chagrin. So I spent what should have been a peaceful day getting frustrated over the crap that "Julia" produced (I reformatting the document, proof reading, retyping poems, etc).

Honestly, it is bull that I have to fix something that this woman is going to take credit for without batting an eyelash. My Department Head should just let her suffer and fail but she won't do it because of the children that participated, as well as how it would make our department look. Ugh! "Julia" is just so infuriating.


  1. First day back is June 5th, just save it for me. Haha

    1. Oh, it needs to be at the printers first thing Tuesday morning.