May 31, 2012

Send Something Good Boxes...

It has come to my attention that I never posted the pictures of the Send Something Good box I sent out (I've been super busy and tired, so I very much so apologize).

Here are the things that I sent out to Lisa of Leesy Lesse Liss...
It was kinda hard for me to pick out things for her because of the format of her Tumblr (I'm not used to Tumblrs, I don't honestly look at many), so a lot of the things I picked out for her were things from a bucket list she had posted. That is why there are little notes on the items I sent out, they reference the number of the thing on her bucket list she needs the item to complete. In addition to things from her list, I sent her some of my favorite things (i.e. -- Cookie Butter, etc.) and little toys because I have a bunch of them all over my desk.

Here are the wonderful things that Alisha sent again (I posted about them in You've Got Mail...) and again I would like to thank her for being so awesome! XOXO


  1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who doesn't quite get Tumbler either - I thought it was just because I was old.

    1. Oh, I totally don't understand the point of Tumblrs. 90% of them are pure randomness to me.