May 8, 2012

Tea Time...

Today "Favorite Page #1" came back from college, so as soon as I got off from work at 9:00pm I picked her and her friend from college up and we all went to a local coffee/tea place.
We just had tea and snacks, talked about randomness for a while and we went home. It wasn't anything crazy, but it was nice to see her again and I can't wait for her to start working at the library for the summer.


  1. I wish I was sophisticated enough to go out for tea and...tea snacks!

    1. Oh, this place isn't sophisticated what-so-ever. It's like a hipsterie type place. We are going over the summer to the Plaza Hotel for tea though. That will be sophisticated, stuffy & amazing.

    2. haha! I love how stuffy = amazing :)...or is part of it.

  2. We shall have the best summer adventures! :)