May 22, 2012

Two Year Blogiversary...

Two years ago today I started Adventures of a Misfit Librarian and I just wanted to thank all of you who have followed me on all of my misadventures via my blog, Twitter or what have you.

Since my last blogiversary I've ghost hunter in Gettysburg, partied like a rockstar in Las Vegas, grown out my hair, visited the Mecca of libraries, dealt with more than one death, dyed my hair numerous colors, drank my fair share of booze, witnessed stupidity at its finest, took a road trip from Miami to Long Island, rekindled old friendships and as always, caused a bit of chaos in my library.

I hope this next year is full of even more of the above, as well as new adventures. And like I said last blogiversary, as long as I am living my life and having adventures I’ll continue blogging and I hope that you all will continue to follow my journey through life.

Thank you for supporting another year of my chaos!

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