June 26, 2012

Subway Series 2012...

Over the weekend, on Saturday to be exact, I went to one of the Subway Series game at Citi Field with Justin, Erin and my family as I do just about every year (Who goes aside from Justin, myself and my parents varies from year to year, but we always go).

Before the game Justin, Erin and I did a little tailgating in the creepy parking lot. It was a bit frustrating because we forgot to bring plastic cups with us and there were tons of cops riding around the parking lot so we had to keep hiding our drinks in the trunk every time we'd see a car start rolling past.

After we finished up what we in the cooler (There wasn't really a lot because Justin and I own a very small one) we headed across the street to the ballpark. Once we got inside we headed up to prominade to grab some food before heading to our seats. While we were wandering around we bumped into my family (They came in a different car) and we all helped each other grabbed the necessities, then went to sit down.
There isn't really much to tell about the game. Baseball was played, the Mets lost to the Yankees 3-4, there were annoying Yankee fans (My mother included), etc. But as per usual we all had a good time and we'll all go again next year.

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