July 29, 2012

Belated Birthday Dinner...

While Justin and I were away on the rafting trip last weekend Justin grandfather celebrated his birthday and since we weren't around for all of the family stuff we took his grandparents out for an early dinner today (We always end up having dinner at 4:00pm when we go out with them).
They requested that we go to an Italian restaurant that neither Justin or I had ever heard of, but that was fine with us because we were glad they had deviated from the normal handful of restaurants that they tend frequent. Plus the place we ended up at was excellent. Everything we ate was wonderful and Justin's grandparents really enjoyed themselves which is all that really mattered.

After dinner Justin's grandmother insisted on going to her local Italian bakery and buying pastries for us to have for dessert. Justin and I went in with her, picked out what we wanted and then we headed back to their house to watch the Mets game and have coffee and dessert.
It was a really nice afternoon. I love spending time with his grandparents.

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