July 8, 2012

Day Out East With The Girls & Some More...

Today Justin and I spent a fun filled day with his two younger sister. We decided that since we haven't done anything with them in a while that we'd take them out on the island to go the Long Island Aquarium, grab something to eat, pick some berries, etc.
Justin's mother dropped the girls off at his place early in the morning and we drove out to Riverhead, NY to do all of the above. We spent a couple of hours at the aquarium where we ended up walking with crabs, petting alligators, watching a seal show and they forced me to go into the butterfly room (I hate all bugs, even butterflies), amongst the normal looking at fish and such.

When we were tired of the aquarium we took the girls to Lobster Roll (The place we always go to eat when we are out there) for some yummy seafood. A hundred and thirty-something dollars later we decided to try to find somewhere to pick some berries. Eventually we found  a place and spent a good amount of time, in the sun, picking blueberries and blackberries. Once we all filled our little containers up we headed over to Briermere Farm to pick up raspberry cream pies.

It was a really nice day with the girls. They said that they had a great time and were happy that we took them out. Justin and I were both glad they had a nice day.

So, after having such a long day out with Justin and his sisters you'd think that I'd go straight home. No, I picked my sister up and we ended up at the beach with Erin and Maria eating fried shrimp and listening to a cover band. It was a beautiful evening, so I couldn't pass up doing it.
I had such a great day. I look forward to more days like today.

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