July 27, 2012

Library Card Table...

While I was looking for library articles to post I ran across this from Seattle Pi and just thought it was so neat that I had to post it.

 (via : Seattle Pi)

It's a table covered in library cards! I love it! A man named Tom Groves came up with the idea of contacting libraries all over the United States because he was curious to see what other libraries' card looked like and that it would be nice to start a collection. Here a letter explaining how he ended up making a table and how it ended up at the Chelmsford Public Library in Chelmsford, MA.
 (via: Seattle Pi)

I honestly think this is a super neat idea and that it would be awesome to get library cards from all over the place and make my own art display with them. Hmm... Anyone wanna send me a library card from their local library?

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