July 23, 2012

Rafting Trip 2012...

You may or may not have noticed that I put up a post the other day about not being around for the weekend because I was going rafting in Upstate, NY. Well, I spent this fine weekend in Sidney, NY at Phil's family property hanging out with my friends and at some point we went rafting down the Susquehanna River.

On Thursday after work Erin, Justin, another one of our friends and I packed up Erin's car and drove from Long Island to Sidney, NY. The ride took us a little under five hours with traffic and all of that good stuff, but it was a nice drive. As we were driving up we listen to a couple of mixed CDs I made, the boys took naps, Erin and I had an intense Celine Dion sing-a-long moment to "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" and obviously that is when the boys woke up...

It's All Coming Back To Me Now by Céline Dion on Grooveshark

We got to camp around 12:00am and found Phil cleaning up everything around the trailer. We helped him out a bit, got our stuff settled and waited for a couple of the other boys to get up. Once they finally made it to camp we made a fire in the chiminea and hung out on the porch until we all decided to go to bed.
On Friday we all woke up at a decentish hour, got dressed and headed to everyone's favorite breakfast spot for something to eat. Unfortunately it took forever to get our food because half of the grill was broken, but the over hour wait for breakfast was well worth it because everything was yummy.
When we were finally finished we stopped by Phil's grandparents house to say hello and wander around their property.
At some point Phil mentioned to his grandmother that we were thinking about going to one of the local antique shops to look around and she recommended that we drive a town over and go to Iroquois Antiques. There was some pretty sweet stuff over at Iroquois Antiques, I ended up finding an old Singer sewing machine for $5.00, a portable typewriter for $8.00, a bunch of old keys for $10.00, a couple of old pictures for $1.00 a piece and old date stampers for $8.00 each. Aside from the things I actually purchased I got to look at tons of neat stuff and to be honest with you, I would have spend hours there if it wasn't for the boys.
After our antiquing adventure we headed back to camp because Phil's grandmother insisted on making us dinner, so we had to get back up to the trailer before the family got there. We had sometime before they were supposed to show up so Phil, Justin, Erin and I went on a Gator ride in the woods.

By the time we got back Phil's family was up and cooking. We all hung out, talked and ate until the family decided it was time for them to head back to their houses. After they left Justin and a few of the other boys attempted to start a big bonfire, which didn't go as smoothly as planned seeing as it had been raining and the wood got wet. Eventually they got a fire going and we all just sat around it talking.
A few hours later Pat and another one of our friends showed up at camp from Long Island and joined us around the bonfire. Some how we ended up having a sweet little Wilson Phillips moment while we were sitting in front of the fire. It was ashamed we didn't have a iPod dock to bast "Hold On" because it totally would have happened if we had one.

Hold On by Wilson Philips on Grooveshark

The whole sitting around the fire chatting thing continued until someone (Who was probably drunk) mentioned s'mores, which caused a migration from the big bonfire to the chiminea fire to roast some marshmallows. S'mores were made and had, the talking continued until an ungodly hour when we decided it was bedtime.

Saturday was the day we scheduled for the big rafting trip, so we got up, packed up our rafting gear/essentials (i.e. - Beer, snacks, water shoes, etc) and headed to Grandma's for bagels that Phil's father brought up from Long Island with him. After destroying a dozen bagels we went to Kmart for those not smart enough to buy water shoes before the trip and then we headed next door to Price Chopper so people could have sandwiches made for them. When that cluster was accomplished we went back to Grandma's, met up with the rest of Phil's family going rafting and headed to the launch site to blow up the rafts and get our rafting on.
After spending hours on the river rafting we deflated all of the rafts and headed to the local "beach" to take showers because the shower over at camp didn't have any hot water. Once we were all fresh and clean we drove back up to camp to continue drinking, eating, etc. We basically drove around in the Gator a couple of times and sat in front of the fire until we were about to pass out from our long day.
In the morning we all got up, cleaned, packed up the cars and headed over to Phil's grandparent's house for breakfast. Grandma made us a huge breakfast before we headed out. It was awesome and super cute of her to do for all of us.
When all of the goodbyes were said and done after breakfast the nine of us hopped into our designated cars, got gas and took the long ride back to Long Island.
It was an awesome weekend. I also love seeing Phil's grandparents and visiting camp. I can't wait until next years trip

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