July 15, 2012

Summer 2012 Reading Club Bulletin Boards...

I was just looking through the pictures I had on my memory card and I realized that I never posted the pictures I took of the bulletin boards I made for the reading club this summer. So here are my summer reading club bulletin boards...


  1. How cute! Our theme is Dream Big too, I guess it's some sort of standardized theme. I can barely cut inside the lines so I do most of my displays making posters and banners and such with Publisher.

    1. Thank you!

      I'm like the craft queen of my department. I sit at my desk for like two weeks before a reading club plotting and cutting and making random things to go with either the national theme or the one we picked because we hated the national one.

    2. Yeah, I'm the unofficial artsy person at my branch. I'm what I think your system calls "clerks", in my system it's "library technical assistant." You know, check in, check out. But we also do a little of everything, PC help, reference, etc. And I do displays and any sort of branch advertising, posters, bookmarks, etc. since most of the publications coming from Main are bollocks. It's technically not in my job description (except for one display case a month) but it's my favorite part, oddly enough. I'm probably not that good really, but my coworkers and manager always seem impressed so I just go with it.

  2. Great designs. The sky one is my fav and looks so pro:)