August 2, 2012

I Pay Taxes. I Pay You Salary...

I just realize that I totally forgot to write about what happened to me on Tuesday. So, I had to cover the Adult Reference desk for an hour while all of the adult librarians had a meeting. Everything was going awesome until 10 minutes before I had to get off of the desk. I get a phone call from a little old lady asking me for a person's phone number (She tells me their name, address, etc). I tell her politely that I'm not allowed to look up other patron's information for her. She goes off on me "The other librarians do it for me all the time! I pay taxes thus I pay your salary! You need to look this number up for me!" I tell her she needs to hold and I buzz up to where all the adult librarians are having their meeting and tell them I have a rude person on the phone. My Director sends down one of the adult librarians to deal with the phone call.

Apparently since 411 isn't free anymore the Adult Reference desk gets tons of phone calls inquiring about various phone numbers, I am a youth services librarian thus I don't know this crap. So if someone calls inquiring about another patron's phone number we apparently can give it to the individual calling if the person's number is in the phone book, if not they are out of luck. I didn't know this...

Aside from all of that, the woman didn't have to be rude to me. I hate people who have the nerve to tell me they pay my salary. Don't ever, no matter how mad you are, tell a librarian you pay their salary because they will want to punch you in the throat.


  1. You should have said....." (do do do- disconnected phone noise) I'm sorry the number you have dialed as been disconnected , please hang up and try again." :)

  2. I've heard both those arguments before. I've luckily never heard the salary one directed at me but I have heard many times,
    "but they do it at the other liberrrrry." Sure. Sure they do.