August 26, 2012

Not All Who Wander Are Lost...

I have finally returned from my adventure and it honestly didn't go as planed what-so-ever. Originally Erin and I had planned on this crazy road trip from Long Island to New Orleans that involved several stops on the way down. We'll, we made it to our first two stop and then chaos ensued which caused for a change of plan. Before I get ahead of myself this is how it all started out...

We left Long Island at 3:00am on Thursday (Yup, I went to that concert and then left for a road trip a few hours later) and started to drive down to Virginia because my favorite cousin lives there and I thought it would be nice to stop at her place to see her, her kids and my Tia. We made it there relatively quickly considering there was some crazy accident on I-95 (A tractor trailer and a box truck collided killing the driver of the box truck) and traffic along various portions of the interstate. So we spent the day with my family, hanging out, etc. My cousin took us out to dinner, we hung out some more and spent the night at her place.
The next morning we leave relatively early and start driving down to Raleigh, North Carolina to visit our friend that had moved down there a few months ago. After battling Virginia traffic and such we made it to our friends house where we were supposed to stay for the next three days.

Everything was fine and dandy at first. We hang out with her and her boyfriend (She moved down there with her daughter to live with this guy), go out to lunch, they take us on a tour of Raleigh, we were gonna go to the pool but there was a bathing suit issue (Someone threw Erin's bathing suit up front, she couldn't find it, we couldn't go swimming, they found it later on, blah), the boyfriend makes us all dinner (But it was after an issue with their bank card and Erin had to purchase propane) and eventually we end up at their good friends' house to hang out, this is where all of the really "fun" starts.
So, we go to their friends' house. They are this couple with twin boys (Whom they drug up with melatonin because one of them suffers from "insomnia") who seem nice enough, and their friend who is staying with them because he recently broke up with his girlfriend.. They are feeding us food and drinks, we're playing pool, etc. At some point men say they are going out to the guy whose girlfriend broke up with him's old apartment to grab some of his crap because they know she isn't there. The women folk agree to them being gone an hour and they go. Some time passes and the wife of the one guy calls bullshit and starts drunkingly ranting about how she knows they ended up at a bar and lied to all of us. A bunch of phone calls happen, our friend's boyfriend breaks his iPhone screen, a fight occurs between our friend' boyfriend and his friend which was still going on when they drove back to the house. There was screaming, cursing, threats all around. Myself, Erin and our friend run to the car, scream to her boyfriend to get into the car with us and just leave. He gets into the car and I, whom has no idea where I am and terrible night vision, etc. has to drive a car with barely any gas to the nearest gas station and then home. As I am driving in unfamiliar territory our friend's boyfriend tells us what happened at the bar with his friend and repeats himself fifty million times to the point where we didn't care anymore. Eventually we find a gas station, it has no regular gas. I go to pull out but the lanes were weird and a car was coming so I waited a bit, that is when my friend's boyfriend started making comments about my driving which pissed me off. I try to ignore him and tell him just to give me directions. We get to another road with gas stations on it. I am so focused on the blue of the Mobile station I missed a random no name gas station, which causes the passengers to start commenting and for my friend's boyfriend to get loud with me. I had enough at that point. I whipped the car into a parking lot (Jumping a curb as I did so) slammed on the breaks, jumped out of the car, slammed my door and told them to go fuck themselves and that I wasn't driving anymore. My friend's drunk boyfriend gets into the drivers seat and pulls the car into the other gas station. He gets out, as does my friend and Erin. He starts mumbling stuff. Erin tells him to stop and just to open the trunk because her purse is in the back and she needs to pay for some gas (Remember they had bank card issues earlier). Since she isn't paying attention he turns to his girlfriend and starts running his mouth. She tells him to stop. He gets pissed, tells us all to go to hell (Some other profanities were thrown in there as well) and he storms off. This would have been fine, but he took the keys to the car with him (Note: It was after 2:00am when all of this was going on). I'm still pissed and not speaking, Erin runs after him and his girlfriend is texting him to come back. Eventually he comes back, throws the keys at hid girlfriend and storms off. Erin tries to chase after him but to no avail. Erin puts gas in the car, our friend is feverishly texting away to him and I am still so angry I am not speaking. The three of us are all back in the car and our friend decided to drive home, still texting him as she is going. He sends her some bullshit about the relationship being over, so we make her turn the car around to go find him and confront him. But we could not find him. He continues to text her about it being over and for her to stop texting him, so we drove home all stunned and not knowing exactly what had happened or what had snapped in his head to make him behave the way he did.

We get back to the her house. I'm so angry I'm shaking, Erin is pissed off and our friend is stunned on her couch. Erin tells her that we're going on a walk because we are too angry to deal with anything at the moment but that we'd return as soon as we cooled down. So Erin and I went for a walk at 3:00am to get the hell out of her house. We walk around for a bit and eventually come back to find our friend where we left her. She goes to bed, we stay up for a bit and discuss that we need to leave in case he does show back up in the morning blah, blah, blah and go to bed.

We wake up, find out he isn't around yet and go to Bojangles with our friend to talk and have some breakfast. After drawing out breakfast as long as we can we go our separate ways. Erin and I were still so angry and upset we didn't want to go on with our original trip. We were just broken after everything that happened the night before. I honestly just really wanted to go back to my cousins but Erin was gung ho about salvaging our vacation. First we were thinking about driving to St. Augustine, Florida because her aunt live there but she was away for the weekend. We next thought about continuing to Savannah, Georgia but it was so late already and the drive was so long that we scratched that idea. Finally we decided just to drive to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and hang around there. So we drove several hours out there and eventually ended up in Nags Head. We got a hotel room, hung out at the beach, talked to our friend on the phone forever because her boyfriend still hadn't come home, went out to dinner, etc.
The next morning we checked out after hitting up the continental breakfast and headed north to Corolla, where we found the cutest inn ever called The Inn at Corolla Light. We checked in and not thirty minutes later were we on a wild horse tour. The tour was awesome. We saw about twenty wild horse just hanging around the beaches and such.
While we were still on the tour it started raining, so when we got back to the inn we asked someone where we should go and they told us to go to this shopping center near by to have lunch. We get there and it is pouring. So we ended up stuck in the one section of the place where we bought fudge, other various candy and Outer Banks apparel (I got a YOLO hoodie as a joke) but no food because obviously we pick the section with no food food. The rain still wasn't letting up so we fled to the car and went to find the resort that we got to utilize for free from staying at the inn. When we got there it was still raining but we ran out to find the restaurant that everyone in the inn was raving about.We find it and it's closed between lunch and dinner at this point, but the girls inside were nice enough to let us hang around and have drinks until it was time to serve dinner. We had a nice meal and then headed back to the inn. When we got back it wasn't pouring anymore but it was still blah out so I took a nap and Erin explored for a bit. Once I woke up it was nice out so we hit up the hot tube and then called our friend for the update on what was going on with her and her boyfriend while we sat in the inn's gazebo out in the water with wine.
The next morning we were thinking about staying another night at the inn but it was still raining out so we opted not to spend another $200 to hang out in a rainy place. We decided it was time to head back up to Virgina and there is where we spent the rest of our trip just hanging out with my cousin, shopping, eating, drinking, etc.
It wasn't the epic road trip that I planned and I'm still angry about everything that happened while we were in Raleigh, especially since our friend's boyfriend never gave a reason for his odd behavior but I ended up enjoying my trip despite everything. Erin and I found a wonderful new vacation spot in the Outer Banks that we'd both like to go back to when it's less rainy and I got to hang with my cousin which is always awesome.


  1. There is a lot of great and beautiful things you saw and did on your trip so focus on those. Your time by the sea was breathtaking.

    1. I'm trying to do that, but I'm still so upset about what happened in Raleigh. It also doesn't help people keep asking Erin and I about why we didn't end up in New Orleans.

      But I'm gonna try. The Outer Banks was amazing.

  2. The Outer Banks area is awesome and beautiful. A few years ago, family friends rented a beach house for about a week and they invited me to stay with them in Cape Hatteras and it was so much fun! We were literally right across the street from the beach. I've looked into renting a house down there with a few friends since they can house literally up to 12 people (lots of bedrooms). :)