September 14, 2012

Have You Pet Anderson Cooper Today?...

So, I went to my second television show taping this week today. I went into the city with a few of my friends to see Anderson Live.

We had to wake up super early to do so because we were given the opportunity to go to an advance screening of a new movie before the actual taping of the show (Which turned out to be a show and a half).

While we were at the taping people who work for the show were asking if anyone had brought anything for Anderson or if they had something to ask/tell him and well I was sent there with a mission a la "Leslie" so I raised my hand. I told them that I have a 60-year-old coworker/friend who is an agoraphobic lesbian who asked me, if I could, to pet Anderson. They got a kick out of this and actually told Anderson, who asked me about it on camera and let me touch his hair and he hugged me. So yup, I got to pet and hug Anderson Cooper. Lets see if it ends up on tv.

After the taping was done we all hopped in the car and drove back to Long Island as quickly as we could because I had to go to work. When I got into work "Leslie" (Whom I had texted earlier) had mentioned to a bunch of people in the library that I might have gotten to touch Anderson, so I had a lot of questions and people squealing about it.

So out of all of the tapings I've been to this year Anderson Live was hands down my favorite and I'd totally request tickets to see him tape again. If you have a chance to go, I'd totally recommend it.


  1. That is great request and even better that he was cool about it, love that guy.