September 21, 2012

My iPhone 5 Is Here...

After much anticipation my iPhone 5 has arrived (Thanks to Justin waking up at 3:00am last Friday when the pre-sale went live) and I can finally ditch my iPhone 4. You guys have no idea how antsy I've been all day waiting for Justin to text me and tell me that UPS came to drop those bad boys off. I honestly sat at work all day going "I want my new phone... I wonder if my phone came yet..." It was bad and really dorky of me.

The main reason I was really fiending for the arrival of my iPhone 5 was because the home button on my iPhone 4 was shot and I was having a hard time using my phone. So the biggest thing for me about having this new phone is the fact that I currently have a functioning home button. Is that sad?

I can't really tell you how I feel about the new features because I haven't really played or thought about any of them aside from the fact that the screen is larger and that the phone really does feel lighter to me than my old one. Wait I lie, I tried playing with Siri and having it call my sister and such but it wasn't working well for me. Oh well...

Another exciting thing is that thanks to my millions of high endish bargain e-mails that I get a day I found out about Casetagram, which is this website that turns your Instagram (or whatever pictures you want) into cases for your various devices. Obviously, I made a new case for myself even though Justin bought me this one from Case-Mate).

This is the case I made...
I absolutely love the way it looks and I'm hoping I spent my $39.99 on a decent case. We shall see and I will totally write about it when I get it in about a week.

If you guys have any questions about the phone and want a real persons honest opinion I'll totally let you know.

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