October 15, 2012

How You Doin?!...

I went to yet another television show taping today with my mother, sister and a friend. We headed into the city for a taping of The Wendy Williams Show. So, if you watched her show today you may have seen me.

I had so much fun. I think that it was the most fun I've had a television show taping. It was like going to a party. If you have a chance to go you should totally do it. I'm so going back if I can get my hands on some more tickets.
After the show we headed over to Cafeteria (Just like last time after Rachael) for lunch.
We stuffed our faces with yummy yummy food and then we headed back to Long Island because we were all dead tired. Honestly, I passed out for several hours on the couch after I got home and I could totally go back to sleep right now.

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