October 3, 2012

Seven Questions...

 October 1st 2012

1. Who is your celebrity doppelganger?
I don't know. No one has ever told me I look like a celebrity. My sister kinda looks like Minnie Driver...

2. What's the farthest you've ever been from home?
Venice, Italy is the farthest I've been away from my home on Long Island.

 Venice, Italy - August 2010

The farthest I've been away from home in the United States is San Diego, California. I've also been to Aruba which is pretty far away.

3. Fill in the blank: Fall ______.
 Fall(ing) Up by Shel Silverstein.

4. Would you rather have arms so long they touched the ground or feet the same length as your legs?
The arms. That I way I could reach everything.

5. What is the first thing you do in the morning?
Turn off the alarm on my iPhone.

6. Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate?
Apple cider all the way. I'm so excited that I can walk into Starbucks and get a caramel apple spice!

7. Would you rather start your life over (baby) or jump to the end of it (old-->death)? 
Start over but only if I could keep the knowledge I have now.


  1. you're the first I've seen that took the fill in the blank in a different direction. :)

  2. omg caramel apple spice- YES!!!!!
    you guys look cute btw :)

    1. Aren't they amazing?! Caramel apple spice is my favorite drink from Starbucks.

      Thank you! :-D

  3. Caramel Apple Spice sounds amazing, never had it! I may just go to Starbucks tomorrow for it :)

    1. OMG they are amazing. Did you get to try it yet?

  4. i'm so glad to have found your blog!
    venice is awesome!...the first time. i went back in '09 when my friend and i were backpacking through europe and we spent one day there and it was great! then, my husband and i went back earlier this year and it was great, but we planned four days which was wayyy too long! we ended up spending so much money! but it was beautiful as always.
    i feel like a stalker because i once wrote a story in high school about a librarian who was from long island! agh! but don't worry, she was quite the cool character.

    okay, i will stop rambling now. but i'm definitely following your blog now and am looking forward to future posts!


    1. My best friend and I spent one day there too! It was beautiful, but the mainland near Venice was terrible and they were so rude to us.

      I spent a lot of money that one day in Venice, but it was an experience so I think it was worth it in the end.

      LOL. If you had your story still I'd love to read it. I'm a dork. LOL.

      Awww thank you! :-D