October 9, 2012

Shushing The Librarian...

So yesterday I was helping a group of patrons that were together find a bunch of books and after I had found them I stood in the picture book room talking to them because one of them was telling me how nice and helpful I was. After a while I start telling them about some of our programs and my story times being friendly and nice when an old man reading to I'd say an 8-year-old boy told me to be quiet.

I got shushed! I cannot believe that this guy shushed me! It wasn't like I was talking in a quiet area (To be honest there is not quiet areas in our Youth Services Department), I was in the picture book room where toddlers and babies scream! As much as I wanted to say something snarky I didn't. I told the other patrons to have a nice day and walked into the office all annoyed (To be honest I'm still annoyed thinking about it). I can't believe that I got shushed!


  1. urgh, I hate getting's like a personal attack against my soul lol.

    jayj x.

    1. It was terrible. I never do it to anyone because this is the children's department.

  2. Following you back via GFC. Thanks for sharing!