November 24, 2012

I Found George 335 Miles Away From Home...

You all may not know this but I'm a sucker for a bill with a 'Where's George' stamp on it. The other day while I was out shopping I got a dollar with that familiar stamp on it and I had to go see where it came from. This particular dollar took a 4 year, 60 day long trip at an average of 0.22 miles per day from Westfield, NY to get to my pocket. 

Am I a super nerd? Does anyone else enter the location in of a 'Where's George' stamped bill if they find one?

This is the information on the last bill I found: Twenty Dollar Bill, Serial# IB018---65B Series: 2006


  1. I have only found one & that was back when I lived in California about five or six years ago. I entered it in as well... it was just starting it's trip. It had only gone through a couple cities. I wish I could remember it's info, so I could find out where it is now. lol.

    Keeping PLUS in a MINUS World

    1. I've never found one that has been to multiple places. I always tend to find the ones that have been floating around for years that no one else has bother to enter on the site.

  2. That is so cool! I've heard of this, but I haven't actually gotten one.

    Neat blog, by the way! I love your blog name. :D

  3. I've often intended to look it up, but I never actually have. I LOVE the idea though (and I don't care if it's super nerdy! :P )

    1. You have to start! I make a point of not spending them until I enter them. It was hard with the twenty.

  4. ahh yes I do!!! I love looking up where they've been! But I haven't gotten one in forever!

    Found your blog on the blog hop!

    Your Newest Follower,