November 15, 2012

Inside The Library...

Yesterday Erin and I decided that we were gonna go wandering around town because we honestly didn't have anything better to do.While doing so I told her that I wanted to stop by the library to try and look through the windows, so we headed over to see if we could get a peak of anything.

When we got there we found a clean up crew in masks and official-ish looking white coats. I wasn't going to say anything to them but Erin urged me to and we ended up speaking with the guy in charge. He told us about what they were currently doing in the building and he asked me if there was anything that I wanted to get from my desk or anywhere else in the library. I told him that I actually had a laptop at my desk and he ran to get Erin & I masks and he let us in the building. He walked us upstairs to my department and talked to us as I grabbed my stuff and for a while after. We found out that his name was Justin and he came all the way from Michigan to head this clean up crew.

After giving him a bunch of restaurant suggestions we asked him if he minded if we walked through the building and took some pictures. He said he didn't have a problem with that, so Erin and I walked around downstairs to survey the damage. 

Here are some of the pictures I took while we walked around...
I know it doesn't look terrible inside but all of the books on the bottom two shelves were destroyed, the computers are all shot, the carpet needs to be ripped out, the paint was ruined, etc. Oh, and it doesn't smell so hot in there (Unfortunately it's a smell that I've been getting used to because it's similar to what my house smells like when we open the down to the den). 

One of the biggest problems, which I mentioned in a previous post, is the fact that the school district technically owns the building. Nothing can be done to the building unless the school district files for it. So the crew that is currently in our building can only deal with the books, shelves, etc. because the library owns that stuff. It's so stupid.

While we were still upstairs Justin showed us exactly what they were doing with the good books. He said that they were taking all of books that didn't get damaged, boxing them up before they got in contact with the mold on the other books and placing them in some logical order by shelf & row in the auditorium.
So that is all I know. I'm glad I got to go inside and see what was going on but I don't know when the building will be fixed and when I can go back to work.

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  1. Oh wow, that's a lot of damage. Two rows of books, multiplied across the whole first floor....that's...a LOT of books. What was on the first floor? Adult, large type, classics, non fic, audiovisual, foreign...YA and children's is upstairs so I'm assuming that's ok? Thanks so much for these pictures and all the updates.