November 29, 2012

Over The Belt From Long Island To Our Friend's Door...

Yesterday I went into Queens with Erin to hang out with our friend because she was getting out of work at normal people hours (She works retail so she works crazy weird hours) and would be able to do things because her daughter was going to be with her grandmother (We took advantage of the situation).

In an attempt to not get stuck in traffic we left early, and it ended up being way early. So Erin and I ended up sitting in her car for like an hour waiting for our friend to get home (If we had keys like she promised us we would have been in her apartment). Eventually she got home and we got to go inside of her apartment just to wait for Maria to get off from work and to drive into Queens herself. After about an hour or so of waiting Maria shows up and we head to Kew Gardens to go out to dinner to some place our friend knew.

She was really excited to take us to this restaurant Austin's Stake & Ale House that has been a huge part of her life before her "Long Island Life" -- She met her ex-husband there, her best friend's husband, was proposed to there, had her bridal and baby showers, etc. at this place. So we all went there and it was horrible! The service was terrible (Which was surprising since the managers were all "_____ is here!"), Erin had hair in her food and I had ordered Fettuccine Alfredo and there were pieces of chicken in it (I don't eat chicken or any other meats except bacon once in a blue moon) when I made a point of saying I didn't want anything but the pasta. When I said something to the waiter he was like "Oh yeah, they put chicken on it by accident and took it off..." Pardon me, but who the fuck says that?!?!! Maria, Erin and I were pissed, our friend was so embarrassed. It was bad. We spoke to the managers, they took mine & Erin's meals off the bill.

After dealing with the cluster we headed to a local liquor store to get some wine and champagne (Which costs more in Queens than it does by us), then we headed back to the apartment to hang out.
We drank, ate chocolate & chilenitos, Maria tried to rip the radiator cover off the wall so we could try and lower the temperature in the apartment because it was boiling in there and just talked about randomness.
Eventually out friend kicked us out because she had to wake up at the ass crack of dawn to go to work and we headed back home.

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