December 10, 2012

Another Morning Meeting...

I spent my morning at another meeting, this one was about picture books. It wasn't my cup of tea because I hate listening to people analyze picture books, but I got to see "Emily" for the first time since before the storm so it was worth sucking it up.

I really enjoyed being able to talk to my Department Head, "Emily" and "Marie" even if it was about books (We also talked a little shit about "Julia" because she cut and dyed her hair to look like "Amy's" hair and she looks like crap more so than normal). 

After the meeting was done I was trying to get the ladies (Minus "Julia" of course) to go out to lunch with me but they all had things to do. We all are attending another meeting on Wednesday morning so we all might go out for lunch then. I hope we do, it would be nice.

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