December 21, 2012

Evening In The Emergency Room...

So I thought I had it bad the other day spending the afternoon at the urgent care clinic with Erin, well today I spent my evening in the emergency room because my mother passed out at work (Thankfully she works in a hospital, so she didn't have to go far).

Around 4:10pm my mother calls and asks to speak to my father, so I put him on and she apparently told him she passed out while she was at work, was in the emergency room and need him to pick her up because she couldn't drive herself home. We both hop in my car and drive over to the hospital to find my mom hooked up to a bunch of machines in the ER.

We start talking to her and find out that they want to do a cardiac catheterization on her because we have a family history of heart problems, but she refused to do it until we got there. So once we got there I found her nurse and they sent her up for the procedure. While she was being wheeled up we found out she passed out at 11:00am and was in the ER like all day (We were not happy when we found out).

As she was having all of this done my father and I were stuck waiting in a visitors lounge forever. After what seemed like forever and a year the doctor that did the catheterization came to tell us that it was all good, but she had to lay down for three hours for whatever reason (I remember him mumbling something about where they put the catheter in) and she needed an MRI.

To make a long story short, she was still in recovery all drugged up and hadn't her MRI so the nurses told us they were going to keep her over night because they weren't sure when she'd have it and she still needed to be in bed because of the other procedure. So my mom is still in the hospital.

Hopefully they get the MRI done tonight, it's fine and we can just pick her up in the morning. I'll obviously write about what happens when I know what is going on.

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