December 2, 2012

Getting In The Holiday Spirit The Sunday Social Way...

What Is Your Favorite Holiday Season Tradition?
Nochebuena (Christmas Eve) dinner. Every year we have seafood paella and a crapton of other things to eat and our friends come over and we playing random drinking games to holiday movies. It's awesome.

Do You Have A Certain Holiday Movie You Watch More Than Others? If So What Is It?
It's not a movie but A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965) is always a go for me.

Show Us Your Favorite Decoration Or Pinterest Decoration You Wish You Could Have
I love this cookie cutter wreath...

Favorite Holiday Dessert?
My mom's apple walnut cake.

What Is On Your Wish List This Year?


  1. Great post love.
    That cookie cutter wreath is fab!

    1. Isn't it! I'm tempted to make my own. :-D

  2. Lover ur Christmas list ! Especially the batgirl cons (Barbara Gordon was also a librarian!)

    1. Aren't they awesome?! My boyfriend's mother is getting them for me. I'm so excited for them. I've wanted them since my birthday in March.

      I know! :-D That's one of the reason I love her so much. One year at New York Comic Con I dyed my hair red and went as Barbara Gordon Batgirl.

  3. I LOVE those shoes you have on your wishlist :-) gorgeous. And I also love Paella. Unfortunately I am German-bred and my family prefers traditional duck/beef/goose for Christmas. For me as a veggie eating seafood I should try and vote for Paella this year ;-)