December 16, 2012

Getting Our Ho Ho Drink On...

Yesterday I spent the whole day in New York City for Santa Con 2012. It all started with my sister, Erin and I meeting up with a bunch of our peoples at the train station around 9:15am, so we could all hop on the LIRR and head into the city to get our drunken Santa on. We actually didn't even wait until we got into the city to start drinking, I had made boozy hot chocolate and my friends had a big jug of orange juice mixed with champagne and vodka along with some big ass straws to drink from during the trip.
Once we got to Penn Station we decided to walk over to Pier 84 in Zone One (Santa Con is broken up into zones so that you know what bars to drink at at various times that are going to donate to Toys For Tots) to drop off the bag of non-perishable items that we brought with us and to get our drink on with all of the other Santas, elves, etc.
The whole getting from Penn Station was an ordeal, but we eventually made it into Zone One. We tried to get into one of the bar and it was a total cluster. We all really just wanted to get our drink on so we just totally skipped Zones One and Two and headed into Zone Three where we knew there would be a lack of Santas.
After spending way too much time at the Port Authority (We needed to take the A, C or E downtown to West 4th) because people broke the seal earlier and others wanted booze to take with them on the ride, we ended up downtown and we all just wanted to get into a bar so badly that we just headed into 3 Sheets Saloon.
We spent hours there. We drank, played beer pong, ate, sang (Christmas and non-Christmas songs), danced, etc. We had more friends meet up with us there (Mike, Christine, Lisa, etc). It was awesome.

Santa Con 2012 by Misfit Librarian on Grooveshark
Yeah I know, this is a weird ass playlist but they played all of these songs while we were at the bar

Eventually the place got packed and we decided to head way uptown. Seeing as there were about fifteen of us and people were at various levels of intoxication it got a bit chaotic. Without paying attention to the number of people with them, a bunch of people got on the subway and didn't realize that people were missing. I ended up screaming at everyone on this packed subway car and I had everyone get off at the next stop so we could try and figure out what happened. That was huge cluster.
At some point some of the people we were missing showed up and said that other people that were missing just decided they didn't wanna come uptown with us. I was pissed, so I told everyone to hop on the next train that came and we did. That was a mistake. We ended up on an express train to Harlem. Yeah, a bunch of people dressed like Santa in Harlem. It wasn't cool.
We got off as soon as we could and we headed to 81st Street. We walked around, got some pizza, got lost and eventually ended up at The Gin Mill. We had a few drink, some people left us but Erin, my sister and my college friends just stayed there. At some point mine and Erin's friend (The one that moved to NC and back) showed up with her boyfriend and I had to keep walking around in circles because for some reason no one sat with each other.
My sister and her friends left first, then my college friends but I stuck around with Erin, our friend and her man. We drank so more and eventually decided to hail a cab and head to our various locations. Can I tell you that we had a horrible cab ride. There was bickering, traffic, etc.

Erin and I finally got to Penn Station. I bought myself a pair of slippers, Erin got groped by some dude, I found money on the floor, we got a snack and got on our train back home. The train ride was going fine until we got to some random station and a bunch of bad teens from the library got on and sat right in front of us. Thankfully they didn't notice me and my costume had a hood, but Erin was drunk and was being a little stupid (Sorry love, but you were) so I was annoyed at the whole thing. After what seemed like forever we got to our station we each got picked up and went home.

Honestly, that day was a cluster but I enjoyed myself despite the randomness we went through. We'll all just take what happened this year as a lesson how to make Santa Con 2013 successful

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