December 7, 2012

Meetings & Being Ignored In Queens...

Yesterday I went to another meeting for work and I had the pleasure of listening to JP Porcaro the President of ALA's Games and Gaming Round Table speak about gaming and comics in libraries. I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed listening to him because he was funny as hell (Which I told him after he finished speaking), passionate about gaming and comic, etc. I had a great time listening to what he had to say about the topic.

Before JP started talking the president of the division holding the meeting was talking about having people join the executive board and how she knew there were individuals that weren't already involved that would be amazing assests to the board and she says "I'm talking about you   Insert My Full Name Here  " All of my coworkers that were at the meeting look at me in awe that I got called out for being awesome in front of all of these other librarians in the county. I'm not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome especially since "Julia" was at the meeting and I'm sure it killed her to hear me being sought out.

After the meeting was over I drove over to Erin's and we headed out to Queens because our friend was off. When we got there we were surprised to see that her daughter was home, apparently she had a half day because of parent-teacher conferences that day (We thought we were going to have child-free time for at least an hour or two). So the four of us had lunch and then we were ignored for a good chunk of the afternoon because there was homework to be done, phone calls and the actual attendance of a parent-teacher conference (Which caused us to have to babysit).

When she got back we ordered dinner from a local pizza place (Which took forever and they put chicken on our pasta. Why does Queens want me to eat chicken so badly?!?!!!) and we got suckered into putting together her daughters trundle bed. When we were do building and eating we busted out the wine ice cream and made adult floats. Shortly after finishing those we headed back home because someone was tired and wanted to go to bed. 

It wasn't the most exciting trip to Queens, but whatever. I still had a decent day.

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