December 2, 2012

My Oddly Amusing Not Planned Saturday...

What I ended up doing yesterday had to do with failed plans. So it all started because I made a point of actually going back home (I hadn't slept in my own bed in over a month) Friday because I thought that I had to wake up early on Saturday to deal with my friend getting her life out of her storage unit that finally opened back up this past week after being partially destroyed during Hurricane Sandy and that I was going back to Queen with her to help with whatever. Well, at some point Friday evening (Too late in the evening to drive back to Justin's apartment) she texted me saying that she wasn't able to get the movers for the next day so the plans were scrapped. Since I was tired I just stayed at my house for the night.

On Saturday morning while I was trying to figure out what I was going to do with myself for the day my sister mentioned that she and our cousin Nick were going to The Nutty Irishman in Bay Shore for a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser that a bunch of her coworkers were going to and asked me if I wanted to go. Since I had no firm details from anyone else about any other going ons and my mother insisted I hang out with my sister and cousin instead of my friends (She also talked me into going food shopping with her) I decided that I'd go hang out with them.
The fundraiser was from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. We drank with her coworkers, listened to the band (Her coworker's father was in the band), bought some raffle tickets, didn't win anything, etc. We stuck around until a little after 8:00pm because by that time we'd had enough of it and Nick was supposed to meet up with people (Including some of my friends from high school) at a bar closer to us around 9:00pm. So the three of us drove from Bay Shore about an hour to another bar.

Once we got to the other bar we drank, talked, danced, there was some sulking on certain people's parts, etc. A recipe for an amusing evening, at least for me. Overall, yesterday was an odd day. I didn't end up doing anything that I had initially planed on, but I still ended up having a good day.

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