December 20, 2012

Walk In Clinics & Chilean Food...

Erin hurt her back a couple of months ago and over the weekend she tweaked it again, so she asked me if I could bring her to a walk in clinic yesterday. For some reason I agreed to do so thinking that we'd be in and out in like an hour and a half or so. Oh, was I wrong. I was stuck in that urgent care clinic with her for over three hours (I think we would have been in and out of an ER quicker).

I don't know why it actually took so long, but we think that they just flat out forgot about her. We came to this conclusion because when she walked up to the counter to ask how far along the list was the woman look towards the bottom and ran her finger all the way up it and said "Oh honey, you're going into a room right now."

You'd think once in the room the ball would get rolling but no, we were in the examination room forever (I went into the room with her because there was a crazy lady talking to us in the waiting room). We were in that room so long we were talking about/looking up info on Dr. Kevorkian because I was thinking about putting her out of her misery.

Eventually some doctor who could barely speak English came in and helped her. She got a shot of toradal, a couple of prescriptions and they sent us on our way (She didn't even get an x-ray).

When we were finally out of that place we headed back towards Erin's house because we got Maria to agree to go out to dinner with us for Chilean food and we told her to meet us there. Surprisingly she got there relatively quickly and we headed to the restaurant (It's our place, we like don't bring anyone there).

We ordered what we always order (An empanada for each of us and three fried fish dinners with rice) and just sat there talking, eating, etc. After we were finished there we ran into a store to pick a few things up and then I dropped them off and headed home.

It was an annoying day that ended well.

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