January 24, 2013

It's Okay...

It's Okay...
♥ To buy a new outfit for every occasion that pops up (i.e. - Bar hopping in NYC, bachelorette parties, etc)
♥ I wish it was Friday after 5PM so I can go hang out with "Favorite Page #1"
♥ To not be happy about having to do a storytime in a weird location
♥ To yell sometimes
♥ To sleep in until almost 12PM on a Sunday
♥ To not want to ask a coworker if they want to order lunch because you hate them
♥ To hate having to listen to voicemails
♥ Wishing that the winter was over and it was summer time
♥ To spend $100+ on a tanning salon package
♥ Only checking Facebook when an alert pops up about "important" people you stalk comes up
♥ To do linkup posts while at work


  1. OMG!! Love your blog it is so cute :)

    I see you love the Doctor. We are fans at our house too. I am new to join on as a fan of him.

    I am your newest follower from the hop.


    1. Thank you!! :-D

      My boyfriend and I are newer fans also. We started watching from Series 5 a few months ago and we are obsessed!

  2. Coming over for It's OK Thursday!! Cute blog!! I hate listening to voice mails as well. In fact, I've had one on my phone for a few days I haven't listened to (I know it's a friend wanting to get together and I'm just too busy right now, I figured when I'm free, I'll listen and call him back). :) I know, I'm a terrible person!

    And I totally do most of my blogging at work (shhh, don't tell anyone). In fact, I'm posting this at work right now!

    Have a great day!