February 18, 2013

Bachelorette Parties & The Day After...

Saturday night I went out for my friend's (Whom I've known since middle school) bachelorette party and boy, we had a great time...

Like every other evening out it started when I finished getting ready (While listening to the sweet playlist I made) and got a ride over to the house where we were all meeting up. When I got there everyone there was still in sweats not dressed eating pizza, but it was cool because they quickly got dolled up and we had ourselves a little photo shoot before it was time for us to leave.

Naturally since it was a bachelorette party we had tickets to see a "male review" at a place called Hunk-O-Mania in New York City and plans to do a little bar hopping after that. Since we're all so classy we took a limo in and on the ride there we played little games like "How Well Do You Know The Bride" and "Never Have I Ever" obviously while drinking -- It was a fun ride over.

We got to the place were the "male review" was on time, yet we still had crappy seats and we couldn't really see the stage but we all didn't seem to care. We drank, danced in our little corner, got inappropriately touched by waiters in little underwear, constantly asked if we wanted "dances" and such, etc. It was fun but not because of the men in tiny underwear, they were actually really annoying and way too touchy for my liking.

After the Hunk-O-Mania show we piled into the limo and my one friend started telling the driver where we decided we were going next and the guy started telling us that it wasn't on the list of places for him to drive us. We started arguing with him about how we never had a list of places to go and that we were only ever asked about our start and end locations.

Obviously we got him to drive us where we wanted to go and that place was a bust, so we all hopped back into the limo and had him drive us to another place. Which is where we ended up staying the rest of the night getting free drinks from random dudes, doing body shots, having fourth meal and just having a grand old time.

I honestly don't know what time we got back from the city, but we all ended up scattered in our friend's house (Some passed out, others not). Erin and I stayed there for a while before her sober self drove my drunk self home, so we could sleep in our own beds.

Considering all of the tomfoolery that went on the night before I actually woke up pretty early Sunday. After chugging an entire carton of orange juice, showering and getting dressed I headed back over to my friend's house to hangout and check on how everyone else was feeling -- Everyone was feeling exactly like you'd expect someone to feel after partying the night before, but thankfully there was no vomit.

All of us just hung out at the house on the couches for a long time. We talked, had breakfast, looked at the terrible photos we took the night before that we all promised would never go up for the World to see, etc. Eventually at some point in the afternoon people started trickling out (Including my friend who lives in the house) and since a few of us had plans later on in the evening to go out to the restaurant Phil works at on Sundays we actually stayed a bit longer, still BSing.

Mid afternoon we decided it was finally time to leave so we picked up Erin and went out for a snack (Which was silly because we had plans to go to dinner, but whateves). While we were there enjoying our food my cousin Nick shows up with my friend's brother (They Facebook stalked us) and we all sat in this little restaurant talking loud and annoying the other customers. After tons of dirty looks we parted ways with the boys and took the scenic route to the restaurant.
When we got there the place was packed which sucked because we were going there so Chas could see Phil since she was only in New York for two days and he had to work. Despite him not being able to really talk to us we had a nice time and we actually made plans to hang out with him after he got off. So after we were done eating I drove our one friend home and Erin, Chas and I drove to Phil's apartment to hang out. We were there until 1:30am planning group trips, reminiscing about high school (June is ten years since we graduated -- We feel so old), eating cookies and a whole bunch of other good stuff. It was late to hangout on a work night but we all had a great time.

I cannot tell you how exhausted I am from this weekend, but it is totally worth it because it was awesome. I had the best time out with the girls and I was so happy to see Chas, even though it was for less than 48 hours. I can't until we're all together again.


  1. Sounds like so much fun! Bachelorette parties are always such a great time.

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  2. Sounds like a fun weekend! I would have been irritated with the touchy waiters in small underwear too.

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  3. Hello Misfit, sounds like an awesome party. I saw you on the blog hop and came to visit. I'm now your newest follower. I will visit you often and hope you will visit my blog and follow back.

  4. Hey, new follower from the GYB Blog Hop. Sounds like good times! Looking forward to following along. :)