February 24, 2013

Sunday Social...

1. Biggest Middle School Fashion Mistake
I wore bandanas with almost everything because I was too lazy to do my hair.

2. Who Were Your Best Friends In High School?
The same people who are my best friends now... Erin, Phil and Chas.
3. What Was A Typical Weekend Like For You In High School?
Riding our bikes to Blockbuster, renting tons of terrible horror movies and watching them at someones house. Kinda sorta sounds like how we spend our weekends now, minus riding bikes (Most of the time) and Blockbuster.

4. Did You Have Any Boyfriends/Girlfriends?
Yeah and I'm still dating him. Our ten year anniversary is this week.

5. Did You Have Any Secret Codes With Your Friends?
We didn't have secret codes, but we did have marble composition notebooks and binders we'd pass back and forth to each other with notes inside. Oh, how I wish we had unlimited text messages like the high schoolers of today. Side note, I still have all of the notebooks and binders locked up in the trunk in my bedroom.

6. If You Could Relive One Day/Moment/Experience From Middle School Or High School, What Would It Be?
None of them. I hated middle school and high school.

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