March 3, 2013

Birthday Party Fail...

Every year I plan myself some sort of birthday party. Most of the time I gather the troops to New York City for some good old fashioned day drinking followed by karaoke or I stay local and do the Long Island bar scene. This year I decided that I wanted to play paintball and follow that up with dinner, etc. I had the whole thing planned; invited peoples a month in advance, told them all the game plan, so on and so forth.

Everything seemed like it was go and then the week before I get various messages from people saying they weren't coming to paintball but they were gonna come to dinner, blah, blah, blah. So I get annoyed and cancel my party. Can you guess what happens next? I get fifty million text messages asking me what happened, what was going on, etc. So I decide to continue on with altered plans; afternoon paintball with a handful of people and a change of dinner location.

I think I'm in the clear and I'm going to get my birthday party wish, and then bam! More problems pop up -- Twisted ankles, schedule issues, blah, blah, blah. So again, I alter my plans. I figure we'll all just go out to dinner.

I'm thinking there are about eight of us going to dinner, we'll just show up at the place, but then I find out more people are coming. So I call the restaurant I wanted to go to and I got the biggest douche on the phone and he was not helpful. As you can all probably guess I was pissed and fed up with everything and I completely cancel everything. And what happens when I completely cancel everything? I get attitudes from people for various reasons. My birthday plans were completely screwed and people are getting pissy with me.

I end up in tears. I called Phil crying and he said that he and our other friend will just come over and the four of us can go out to dinner and do whatever after. I agreed, put on some makeup to hide my puffy eyes and waited for them to come over.

At this point I honestly didn't care where we went but everyone insisted we go somewhere nice-ish because it was my birthday dinner and they wanted me to be happy. So I ended up going on Yelp and picking out a random Italian restaurant that had good reviews and was near by.

It ended up being great and the four of us had a really nice time at the restaurant. Which we followed up with a trip to the local liquor store, where Phil somehow bought me a bottle of wine without me noticing, and some video games.

It wasn't the birthday I had planned for myself but I ended up having a really great evening. I'm so grateful to have such good friends and such an awesome boyfriend.

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