March 11, 2013

Going Away Disaster...

Since my sister's boyfriend joined the National Guard and is going to be away at basic training/boot camp for the next four months out of state, my sister planned an informal going away party for him at one of the local bars on Saturday night.

It all started out fine. A handful of us pregamed and BSed at our house for a while before heading over to the bar and meet up with all of the other people. We're all drinking, dancing, having a good time.
But then the chaos began. My cousin and my sister were about to take a picture and this good looking dude jumps in, putting his arms around both of them. My sister's boyfriend see this and gets pissed. He goes up to my sister to say something and then they both get into a fight. He storms out of the bar, my sister runs to the bathroom. People are trying to talk to him and calm him down. People are trying to talk my sister down. It was chaos.

For what seemed like an eternity we were all running around the bar trying to deal with them. There was screaming, crying, people almost being kicked out of the bar and everything else you could possibly think of going on.
Somehow this all ends up outside. There is more screaming, crying and running around. Eventually they stop arguing and sit down to talk to each other. At some point while this is going on they both wander off and I didn't know until hours later where they ended up. So that was the end of that...

After dealing with them I ended up being dragged to another local bar by Erin, my cousins and a few of their friends (I can't tell you how much I didn't want to be there). So I'm trying to make the best of the whole thing and I'm thinking the night is getting a tad better and then it all went downhill again.

Erin wasn't feeling well (She was super drunk) and she asked Pat and I to step outside with her. Pat starts smoking and then two bouncers walk outside and tell us we can't smoke there. I move away even though I don't smoke and Erin, who was holding on to this ledge, tells the guys she isn't smoking. They insist she move. She says no. They threaten to call the cops. She tells them to go ahead because she isn't moving. I'm trying to keep the guy from touching her and I'm insisting she moves, which she didn't want to do. I grab her and tell her to move because I didn't feel like going to jail, she reluctantly moves but asks both guys their names.

After getting their names she walks back in to the front entrance of the bar and I just knew she was going in to complain to her cousin who was bartending -- She did, he got pissed with them and she realized what she did and told him not to worry about it, that she was just gonna leave.

While all of this is going on Pat and I are trying to find her in this packed bar, since we couldn't find her we walked over to my cousins and hung out with them for a bit until we got a phone call from Erin saying she was down the block. We walked over to her, she told us about telling her cousin and then she asked to go home. So we hopped in Pat's car and he started to drive us home. Seeing as she was drunk she got nauseous while we were driving. Thankfully Pat had a plastic bag in the car, because she started vomiting not five minutes after I handed it to her.

They dropped me off first because Erin's car was at my house and she wanted me to give her the keys to it so her parents wouldn't have to deal with mine in the morning. I gave her the keys and the rest of the stuff she had in my house and said goodnight to them.

I cannot tell you how happy I was to be home after that cluster of a night. I swear I'm not going out with them for a long long time. I can't deal with another night like that any time soon.

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  1. Erin also spent the next day in bed recovering from her self-imposed stress relievers.