April 26, 2013

Friday's Letters...

Dear Room: Please pack yourself. I've been packing for what feels like forever and I'm still not done. If you could pack yourself up Jetsons style it would help a lot.

Dear Nick: You owe me a shot of cafe Patron. Why you ask? Because if you would have brought over the bottle that your father got me weeks ago maybe he wouldn't have opened it yesterday and taken a shot to see if I would notice.Yup, as your father was handing the bottle over to my mother he said "I'm gonna take a shot and see if my niece notices!" She did and she is now forcing her cousin to buy her a replacement shot.

Dear Mother Nature: Did you not get the memo? It's supposed to be spring and yet it's still been kinda cold outside. Wanna think about remedying that? Thanks.

Dear Google Friend Connect: Is it true? Are you really going to disappear from the lives of your blogger friends? Am I going to have to start asking my followers to start following on sites like BlogLovin' or Canopi? Lemme know.

Dear Justin: I hate when you aren't home yet and you have so many things DVRing that I can't watch TV. I'm glad we're gonna have more than one TV in our apartment.

Dear Followers: I think you're all awesome!


  1. As far as the "research" goes (*cough* nerd!! *cough*), GFC isn't going away anytime soon.. While GReader'll be gone after July, there hasn't been word on whether GFC will follow or when--but it will go away at some pt.. I personally just chose to delete it to a) Stop feeling like the # of followers I had was dismal compared to the thousands others have; and b) be able to take my time to get followed on BL..

    Your DVR thing cracked me up.. Totally relatable yet so #firstworldproblems haha :P

    1. I knew about Google Reader, but I had on another person's blog that GFC was going away and I was trying to figure out if that was true or not. I've read that people have accidentally deleted it off their blogs and can't get it back, but there was no official word I could find.

      I have a love-hate relationship with GFC. But deleting it seems like something to think about.

      LOL I know.