April 20, 2013

I Need To Stay Away From The Public Restroom...

As you're all very much so aware of I work in a public building and with public buildings come public restrooms and for some reason this past week I've had odd things happen as I've walked past or walked into our public restroom -- I know, I know... I just shouldn't use the public restroom but it's closer than the staff restroom which is on a totally different floor.

Incident No. 1: When I was walking past the hallway where the restrooms are I see one of our normal (badish) teens outside the women's room talking with our security guard and the dude that works on our newsletter/website. Stupidly I asked what was wrong and then I had to listen to the teen tell me that the homeless woman (Who I know isn't actually homeless, just a bit off her rocker) was in the bathroom and she didn't want to go in there because she was in there and that she smelled, blah blah blah... Then the teen starts begging me to check to bathroom because she had to pee. I walked into the restroom, which was empty and tell her that there is no one in there anymore and that the automatic air freshener must had sprayed because it didn't smell bad in there. She was still antsy and didn't want to be in the bathroom by herself if the homeless lady came back in, so she begged me to stand watch outside the bathroom door until she was done.

Incident No. 2: I go into the restroom to wash my hands a different day and inside there is a lady who looked like she was in her mid forties. She says "Excuse me... You look like you're about my age, can I ask you a question?" Even though I was offended that she basically said I look like a forty-something when I'm really a twenty-something I said sure. She starts asking me about if you live and work in one place but have nothing there but failed relationship and you have family in another place but no job and would have to live with a family member for a while as you get back on your feet, where would you go and what would you do (If this sounds confusing, good because that's what whatever she said to me sounded like). I basically said if you're not attached then go for the new life. She asked me to explain, then she told me her whole life story, etc. By the end of everything (Which went on forever) she looks at me and goes, I guess you're actually a little bit younger than me and don't know exactly what I was talking about but thank you. I looked at her and just told her good luck with whatever she decides.

So yeah, I need to stop going into/near the public restroom.


    Thank you for giving me a laugh today!

    Also thank you for the follow on Bloglovin'; that was really sweet(:

    -XO Abbigayle Rashae

    1. I'm glad it made you laugh! :-D

      No problem!