April 1, 2013

Opening Day At Citi Field 2013...

As we do almost every year, Justin and I went to opening day at Citi Field to see the New York Mets play the San Diego Padres -- Whom they rocked.

In true opening day fashion we got to the stadium two hours before the start time of the game to get a sweet parking spot (A spot as close as we can get to an exit), have some stadium food for lunch (Citi Field actually has some pretty good, yet pricey-ish food), watch batting practice and wander over to our seats so Justin can start filling out his score book.
We spent the next few hours watching the Mets rock the Padres in the cold -- It was 59 degrees in the sun, but since we were in the shade it was freezing and by the time the game was over I was done and needed to be somewhere warm.

We had a nice time, but I told Justin that I wasn't going to another game until it was warm out.

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