June 11, 2013

Bulk Air Fresheners For Litter Boxes...

Every time I think I've already heard everything odd thing that could come out of "Julia's" mouth she surprises me. Today I had the pleasure of having to listen to her during not one, but two phone conversations. The first one, albeit awkward was not as bad as the second conversation.

During the first conversation she was poorly trying to explain to the person on the phone that she needed a piece for her CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine. It was the longest phone call ever for a replacement piece and I felt extremely bad for the individual talking to her on the phone.

The second conversation was about buying bulk Febreze for her cats' litter boxes. She spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to figure out if the company/person she called had bulk air fresheners that she could attach to a litter box to freshen the air. She was asking questions about how long each air freshener would last, if it would stick ("Oooohh, I guess I could just tape it on...."), how many came in an order, etc. After all of that she decided to order whatever it is they had to offer and gave them her credit card number in front of all of us.

When my Department Head had her alone (I walked out and sat at the reference desk on purpose so she could talk to her and so I could hear what was being said) she started telling her that she shouldn't be making those phone calls while she should be working. To which "Julia" started to argue about the phone calls "Amy" and "Marie" get throughout the day -- Which are from their children and/or elderly parents. Then she had the nerve to say she was going on a break. Thankfully my Department Head firmly told her she couldn't.

I just don't understand why she doesn't understand the difference between people getting phone calls from their children and/or elderly parents and her ordering bulk air fresheners. I don't know... She kills me. 

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