June 26, 2013

I Found George 1,651 Miles From Home...

I found a new Where's George bill and you guys know I'm a sucker for them. This particular bill took 2 year, 119 day and 14 hour long trip at an average of 1.9 miles per day from Wheat Ridge, CO to get to my pocket.

Other Stamped Bill I've Found...
Twenty Dollar Bill, Serial# IB018---65B Series: 2006
One Dollar Bill, Serial# K3476---2B Series: 2003A 
Five Dollar Bill, Serial# IF327---83B Series: 2006


  1. Ahhh I love Where's George ... I haven't gotten one in awhile :(

    1. I seem to find them ever few months. I'm a big dork, I get super excited when I see stamps on bills.