June 18, 2013

RiRi Might Heart M•A•C But I Don't...

As you may or may not know, today at 12:00pm was the online launch of the RiRi ♥ M•A•C limited edition summer collection in the United States -- Which I was super psyched about because I love me a new M•A•C collection, especially one with a red-blue lipstick in it.
And at 12:00pm, as I'm sure thousands of others did, I went onto the website trying to get my hands on the three lipstick in the collection (I figured I could live without the blush/bronzer duo and the Lustre Drops) and the site just kept crashing. I let the site run for hours as it refreshed and had random messages flashing. But no luck. Even "Amy" and "Marie" tried ordering me the lipsticks from their iPhone/iPads and it just wouldn't work.

After trying forever I kinda gave up but left the M•A•C page open in one of my tabs. Three hours after I began trying I randomly click on the tab I had opened to page and it was open to my cart with all three lipsticks in it. I was super excited and was trying to fill out my information to order them but the site was still extremely slow and for some reason wouldn't put various information through no matter how I put it in. So I gave up again.

Ugh! I cannot even tell you how frustrating it was (And yes I know it is a very trivial thing to get upset about). Why did trying ordering lipstick have to be so difficult?!!!?! M•A•C please get better servers or something. All I wanted to do was buy myself some lipstick.

EDIT: It's almost 9:00pm and I just went on the M•A•C website and tried to order them again. Two of the colors are on backorder, but I got the main color I wanted RiRi Woo. Now lets see if it was worth the headache it gave me.

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