June 9, 2013

Sunday Social...

How Did You Come Up With Your Blog Name?
I don't remember exactly how. All I know is that I came up with it while I was sitting in the computer lab when I was suppossed to be paying attention to one of my classes for my MLIS.  Honestly I was probably thinking to myself "Hey, I'm a bad ass mofo and working in a public library is like an adventure... I should call my blog Adventures of a Misfit Librarian..."

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Blogging?

I don't have one favorite thing... I love writing my experiences out, meeting other bloggers and all of the opportunities that I've been given because of blogging.

What Is One Thing You Have Discovered Because Of Blogging & Now Can't Live Without?

Various makeup products, books, etc.

Facebook Or Twitter? And Why?
Twitter because I don't have a Facebook account to go along with my blog. 

If One Celebrity Read Your Blog Who Would You Want It To Be?
Mindy Kaling or Jason Segel.

What Is Something You Want People To Know About Your Blog?

It's all true and all me.

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